SteriBag Premium Tamper-Proof Sample Bags

The SteriBag Premium sample bags combine a high degree of security, sterility, tamper evident closure and traceability, they are used to securely transport and for the storage of samples.

After sampling, the sample can be filled directly into the sterile sample bag. The tamper-evident closure seals the bag liquid-tight and secure. When trying to open the closure again, the word 'STOP' appears clearly visible. Both the sample bag and the tear-off field are labeled with a unique tracking number, this allows a complete documentation and traceability.

SteriBag Premium is suitable for many demanding applications in the food, pharmaceutical, medical area as well as in cleanroom or biotechnology sectors.
  • Sterilised by gamma rays (10-6).
  • With integrated tamper-proof closure for manipulation evidence.
  • Unique identification via tracking number.
  • Suitable for the use with foodstuffs.
Bürkle  SteriBag Premium Tamper-Proof Sample Bags
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300200 x 14510054441811146.40Order