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Hand Hygiene System

To ensure high security for staff, products, samples, and maximum adherence of hand hygiene standards, the interaction of hand disinfection, hand cleaning, hand care, and gloves is the essential condition. This is where the HARTMANN Hand Hygiene System comes in, providing the optimum combination of quality products in the fields of Disinfection, Cleaning, Care & Protection, and Gloves. Additional Plus: even the compatibility of the Baktolan® and Sterillium® products in combination with the Peha-soft® examination gloves has been tested. The result: no significant increasing perforation rate, thus ensuring best possible all-around protection in hand hygiene. HARTMANN Hand Hygiene System - working hand in hand for optimum hygiene standards.
Hand Hygiene System  HARTMANN
Hand Hygiene System  HARTMANN
Hand Hygiene System  HARTMANN
TypePackCapacity mlPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Hand disinfectant Sterillium® classic purebottle10015429717-0011on demand 
Wash lotion Baktolin® purebottle50015444097-0011on demand 
Skin protection cream Baktolan® protect+ puretube10015427390-0011on demand 
O / w-emulsion Baktolan® lotion puretube3501BO 973793-0011on demand 
O / w-emulsion Baktolan® balm puretube3501BO 975023-0011on demand 

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