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Accessories for TILT Bottle System
DWK Life Sciences

TILT light shield:
The DURAN® TILT light shield is a white silicone sleeve that covers 94 % of the bottle surface. The sleeve has a number of protective functions: it blocks damaging ultraviolet (UV) light, protects the glass surface from damage and facilitates safer handling. Silicone provides a very good grip; especially when the bottle has been sprayed with 70 % alcohol for surface disinfection.
  • Incl. 4 x GL 56 bottle tags.

GL 56 GL 56 silicone bottle tags:
The bottle tags can be used on their own for colour identification or to secure the protective light shield around the bottle.

TILT GL 56 self-adhesive labels for screw cap:
Careful labelling of laboratory bottles is very important to prevent mix-ups and mistakes. The practical, self-adhesive GL 56 cap labels can be used to clearly indicate the separate bottles of media for each cell line and therefore also to prevent possible cross-contamination.

GL 45 thread adapter:
The re-usable adapter (GL 45 external / GL 56 internal) allows the use of the DURAN® TILT bottle with filtration units. Manufactured from inert PTFE, the adapter can be autoclaved and depyrogenised at 300 °C.

TILT GL 56 screw cap:
This ergonomic cap is made from non-cytotoxic materials. Easy to open and close.
Accessories for TILT Bottle System  DWK Life Sciences
Accessories for TILT Bottle System  DWK Life Sciences
Accessories for TILT Bottle System  DWK Life Sciences
TypeGewindeTypeThread GLPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
TILT protective light shieldno indicationTILT protective light shield 45443630133.20Order
Bottle tag GL 56, orangeGL 56Bottle tag GL 56, orangeGL 56205443631136.60Order
Bottle tag GL 56, yellowGL 56Bottle tag GL 56, yellowGL 56205443632136.60Order
Bottle tag GL 56, blueGL 56Bottle tag GL 56, blueGL 56205443633136.60Order
Bottle tag GL 56, purpleGL 56Bottle tag GL 56, purpleGL 56205443634136.60Order
Thread adapter GL 45, whiteGL 45Thread adapter GL 45, whiteGL 4515443635144.15Order
Self-adhesive labels GL 56, whiteGL 56Self-adhesive labels GL 56, whiteGL 56154436361on demand 
Screw cap GL 56, white, PPGL 56Screw cap GL 56, white, PPGL 56105443637126.70Order

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