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Surgical Gloves Finessis Aegis®

Made from Flexilon™ - high performance elastomer built by molecular layer technology.

Since the Finessis surgical gloves contain no latex, powder nor accelerators, they eliminate all possible risks for type I and type IV skin allergies and irritant contact dermatitis.
The glove that disinfects when triggered.

Reactive surgical gloves with Response Triggered Disinfecting System. The Disinfecting System releases the disinfecting liquid only when the glove is punctured, with the right amount to disinfect and at the location where the glove is perforated. The disinfectant is not in contact with the wearerás skin, mitigating over sensitisation of chemical compounds on the skin.
  • Highest accepted quality level, AQL 0.10.
  • Ultra low stress design.
  • Zero accelerators.
  • High electrical resistance.
  • Sterile.

Min. purchasing quantity: 4 PUs (1 PU = 40 pair).
Technical Data:
Colour:white / light green
Interlayer:encapsulated with disinfectant formulation consist of quaternary ammonium salts (QMS)
Length:min. 280 mm
Thickness finger:0.34 mm
Thickness palm:0.30 mm
Thickness cuff:0.18 mm
Shelf life:3 years
Viral penetration:acc. to ASTM F 1671
PSA cat. III / EN374no
Glove typedisposable glove
Surgical Gloves Finessis Aegis®  Meditrade®
TypeClothing sizeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Finessis Aegis®Ssize 6160544510912,692.36Order
Finessis Aegis®Ssize 6,5160544512312,692.36Order
Finessis Aegis®Msize 7160544512412,692.36Order
Finessis Aegis®Msize 7,51605445125167.32Order
Finessis Aegis®Lsize 8160544512612,692.36Order
Finessis Aegis®Lsize 8,5160544512712,692.36Order
Finessis Aegis®XLsize 9160544512812,692.36Order
Min. purchasing quantity: 4 PUs (1 PU = 40 pair).

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