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Occupational Shoes Model Arrow, Clogs, Perforated

  • CE, EN ISO 20347:2012, OB, FO, SRA.
  • Microfibre, perforated.
  • Microfibre top layer.
  • Heel strap foldable, adjustable.
  • Damping midsole made of PU.
  • Weight-optimised mono-sole made of PU.
  • Sanitised treated.
  • Antistatic.
shoe type:clog
Occupational Shoes Model Arrow, Clogs, Perforated  Abeba
Shoe sizeColourPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
35black154438071on demand 
36black154438081on demand 
37black154438091on demand 
38black154438101on demand 
39black154438111on demand 
40black154438121on demand 
41black154438131on demand 
42black154438141on demand 
43black154438151on demand 
44black154438161on demand 
45black154438171on demand 
46black154438181on demand 
47black154438191on demand 
48black154438201on demand 
49black154438211on demand 
50black154438221on demand 
[_54/25_]black154438231on demand 
35white154438411on demand 
36white154438421on demand 
37white154438431on demand 
38white154438441on demand 
39white154438451on demand 
40white154438461on demand 
41white154438471on demand 
42white154438481on demand 
43white154438491on demand 
44white154438501on demand 
45white154438511on demand 
46white154438521on demand 
47white154438531on demand 
48white154438541on demand 
49white154438551on demand 
50white154438561on demand 
[_54/25_]white154438571on demand 

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