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Threaded Bottles, Amber Glass

Soda-lime glass (amber). Screw cap PP, pouring ring PELD. Space-saving square base (size 2500 ml - cylindrical). The bottles are available coated (ethylene-acrylate) or uncoated. The plastic coating envelops the glass bottle like a protective skin. In the case of breakage, the splintering hazards are reduced considerably. The max. operating temperature for coated bottles is 80 °C. To preserve the coating, do not clean at temperatures exceeding 60 °C.
Threaded Bottles, Amber Glass  BRAND
VolumenHöheBreiteMaterialBottle threadCoatedPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
100.00125.0050.00soda-lime glass[_19/15_]yes1528453019.20Order
250.00160.0065.00soda-lime glass[_19/15_]yes15284531112.20Order
500.00195.0080.00soda-lime glass[_19/15_]yes15284532112.70Order
1000.00230.0095.00amber glassGL 45yes15284533115.35Order
2500.00300.00140.00soda-lime glassGL 45yes15284534128.20Order
100.00125.0050.00soda-lime glassGL 45no1528454114.85Order
250.00160.0065.00soda-lime glass[_19/15_]no1528454215.90Order
500.00195.0080.00soda-lime glass[_19/15_]no1528454316.20Order
1000.00230.0095.00soda-lime glass[_19/15_]no1528454417.35Order
2500.00300.00140.00soda-lime glassGL 45no15284545115.85Order

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