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MultiLine® Multi 3620 IDS / Multi 3630 IDS

The MultiLine® wireless ready handheld for intelligent digital IDS sensors are perfectly suited for all multiparameter applications.

The signals are directly processed in the sensor. Each sensor logs on the instrument and transfers its ID data incl. calibration records. There is no danger of confusion, the digital signal transfer allows the use of long cables for all parameters.

The unique QSC functionality for IDS pH sensors gives a realistic rating of the current sensor condition. The pH CMC indicates the optimum pH measuring range. A wide range of IDS pH, conductivity, DO and turbidity sensors covers almost any application. Universal waterproof quick-locks secure the sensor against loss.
  • Robust and waterproof (IP 67).
  • Colour graphic display.
  • A special silicone keypad provides excellent handling comfort.
  • For data transfer to USB sticks or selected printers a USB host interface is provided.
  • NiMH-rechargeable batteries provide an energy-efficient operation.
  • When using IDS plug head sensors and IDS wireless modules depending on the number of channels up to 3 parameters can be measured without using cables.
  • Available as field case sets incl. sensors and accessories.
  • Multi 3630: also suitable for MPP IDS depth sondes.

Selected IDS-sensors (available with cables or plug heads):
SenTix® 940, SenTix® 950, SenTix® 980, TetraCon® 925, LR 925/01, FDO® 925.
Technical Data:
Display:TFT colour graphic
Measurement range:depending on range of each IDS sensor
Memory:manual or time controlled logger, 10000 records (readings, temperature, date, time, ID)
Output:USB host (memory stick, selected printer), Mini USB (PC)
Mains supply:4 x 1.2 V NiMH, AA-type, battery charger
Gelöste Festtoffe:no
MultiLine® Multi 3620 IDS / Multi 3630 IDS  WTW
TypeAnzahl MesskanäleTrübungDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Dual channel instrument Multi 3620 IDS2yesbasic unit1544326611,461.00Order
Dual channel instrument Multi 3620 IDS SET C2yesincl. SenTix® 940, TetraCon® 9251544325912,240.00Order
Dual channel instrument Multi 3620 IDS SET G2yesincl. SenTix® 940-3, FDO® 925-3, TetraCon® 925-31544326013,057.00Order
Triple channel instrument Multi 3630 IDS3yesbasic unit1544326712,412.00Order
Triple channel instrument Multi 3630 IDS SET F3noincl. SenTix® 940, FDO® 925, TetraCon® 9251544326114,108.00Order
For specification of electrodes see Order No. 5422381 to 5422396.
VisoTurb 900-P IR turbidity sensor / WTW
SenTix 950 IDS pH electrode / WTW
SensoLyt 900 IDS pH electrodes / WTW
SenTix 980 IDS pH electrode / WTW
SenTix ORP-T 900 IDS ORP-electrode / WTW
IDS conductivity cells TetraCon 925 and LR 925 / 01 / WTW
FDO 925 IDS DO sensors / WTW
Accessories for electrodes / WTW
SenTix 940 IDS pH electrodes / WTW

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