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CoolCell® Cryogenic Storage Solutions

Cell cryopreservation without chemicals and maintenance.

CoolCell® is an alcohol-free cell freezing container, which controls the rate of freezing to - 1 °C / min when placed in a - 80 °C freezer. It has been performance tested with a variety of cell types including stem cells, primary cells, PBMC cell lines, insect cells and yeast. The CoolCell® technology utilises a thermo-conductive alloy core and highly insulative outer material to control the rate of heat removal and provide reproducible cell cryopreservation.

Keep samples safe
Use Corning® cryogenic vials with CoolCell® to further protect valuable cell lines, biological and aqueous solutions in ultra-low temperature storage.

Automate sample management
Corning® also offers 1D / 2D bar coded cryogenic vials storage, a high-quality storage solution designed to provide max. identification. The temperature-resistant PP vials can withstand temperatures down to - 196 °C and feature a synchronised 2D and linear bar code along with a marking spot with a laser-etch for permanent identification.

Sort and move with ease
Cryogenic vial grippers feature an unique design to grasp internal- or external-threaded cryogenic vials. Easily sort or move vials while maintaining sterility and protecting fingers from frozen vials, dry ice and liquid nitrogen.
  • Ease of use.
  • Alcohol and fluid-free freezing.
  • Lower cost of use than alcohol-based devices.
  • High cell recovery and cell viability.
  • Reproducibility.
  • Simple, consistent way to standardise controlled-rate freezing.
CoolCell® Cryogenic Storage Solutions  Corning®
CoolCell® Cryogenic Storage Solutions  Corning®
CoolCell® Cryogenic Storage Solutions  Corning®
CoolCell® Cryogenic Storage Solutions  Corning®
CoolCell® Cryogenic Storage Solutions  Corning®
TypeAnzahl der StäbeFür Röhrchengröße vonFür Röhrchengröße bisColourPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
CoolCell® LX121.002.00purple1CORN4320011190.50Order
CoolCell® LX121.002.00green1CORN4320021190.50Order
CoolCell® LX121.002.00orange1CORN4320031190.50Order
CoolCell® LX121.002.00pink1CORN4320041190.50Order
CoolCell® 5 ml LX123.505.00purple1CORN4320051255.45Order
CoolCell® FTS30301.002.00purple1CORN4320061520.78Order
CoolCell® FTS30301.002.00green1CORN4320071520.78Order
CoolCell® FTS30301.002.00orange1CORN4320081520.78Order
CoolCell® FTS30301.002.00pink1CORN4320091520.78Order
CoolCell® SV2122.002.00purple1CORN4320101364.44Order
CoolCell® SV10610.0010.00purple1CORN4320111364.44Order
Accessories for CoolCell cryogenic storage solutions / Corning
Corning cryo vials, PP / Corning

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