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Ex-Proof Equipment Line Safety X

Working safe with RUMED®: if explosive material is to be tested or if the installation place is exposed to the danger of explosions, the Ex equipment lines ensure highest safety. All units have an ATEX approval for zone 1.

2 executions are available: in the Safety T-Line, the test chamber is explosion-proof, in the Safety X-Line, the entire unit is explosion-proof. Thus, the units of the Safety X-Line can also be used in explosive areas of zone 1, such as in refineries or chemical plants.

All units are manufactured from st. steel. Thus, they are resistant to solvents and chemicals. Material and processing guarantee easy handling and durability. The explosion-proof recirculating air fan provides a good temperature distribution in space, as well as quick heating and cooling. If the door had been opened, the initial temperatures will be achieved within the shortest time.
Technical Data:
Temperature range:0 to 35 °C, - 20 to + 80 °C optional
Temperature deviation in time:± 0.5 °C
Despite these increased safety requirements, the Safety X-Line offers almost the same equipment possibilities as the Safety T-Line.

Amongst other things, the approval for installation in the areas of zone 1 is achieved by the intrinsically safe temperature controller and the pressure-proof housing of the switch cabinet and of the drive motor of the refrigerating machine.

The units are suitable for storage and tests of material of the temperature classes T1, T2 and T3 of explosion group IIA and IIB. Each unit receives an ATEX approval for zone 1.

Complete unit is explosion-proof Ex II 2 G Ex db eb h [ib] ib mb IIB T3 Gb.
Mains supply:400 / 230 V, 50 Hz
Climate optionhumidity
Max. Belastungsgewicht25.00 kg
Ex-Proof Equipment Line Safety X  RUMED®
Ex-Proof Equipment Line Safety X  RUMED®
Ex-Proof Equipment Line Safety X  RUMED®
Max. ArbeitstemperaturVolumenInnenbreiteInnentiefeInnenhöheTypeOuter width [mm]Outer height [mm]Outer depth [mm]Number of shelvesPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
35.00320.00610.00585.00990.00X 320760.001600.00900.00315443031131,840.00Order
35.00500.00610.00585.001500.00X 500760.002105.00900.00415443032135,356.00Order
35.00820.00610.00935.001500.00X 820760.002105.001250.00415443033137,936.00Order
35.001000.001220.00585.001500.00X 10001520.002105.00900.00815443034141,806.00Order
35.001640.001220.00935.001500.00X 16401520.002105.001250.00815443035150,982.00Order
Type X 1000 and X 1640: width 2 x 610 mm.
Equipment for Ex-proof equipment-line Safety X / Rubarth

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