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pH Indicator Strips

The pH tests deliver brilliant, colour-coded results with ease and speed. They are suitable for all types of media in environmental analysis and industrial in-process controls. Even highly turbid liquids pose no problems. The special transparent test strips ensure clear, reliable measurements - without filtration or clarification.

The SafetyEdge box easily dispenses the strips when you need them, yet prevents them from falling.
pH Indicator Strips
pH Indicator Strips
pH Indicator Strips
min. Bereichmax. BereichDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
 6.00Merck11095310001-0011on demand 
 6.00Scharlau15565250-0011on demand 
 14.00Merck11095350001-0011on demand 
 14.00Scharlau15565251-0011on demand 
2.504.50Merck11095410001-0011on demand 
4.007.00Merck11095420001-0011on demand 
5.0010.00Merck11095330001-0011on demand 
5.0010.00Scharlau15565252-0011on demand 
6.5010.00Merck11095430001-0011on demand 

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