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Dr. Weigert 
Hand Disinfectant weigoman® / weigoman® Fragrance-Free

Alcoholic hand disinfectant for application on the skin. Very good skin compatibility, with highly effective re-moisturising agents. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Ready-to-use solution, bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virucidal against enveloped viruses, active against rota and noro viruses.
  • VAH- and IHO list of disinfectants listed.
  • Dosing via triformin® dispenser 1.0 and triformin® dispenser 0.5.
Hand Disinfectant weigoman® / weigoman® Fragrance-Free  DR.WEIGERT
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weigoman®bottle1000154427251on demand 
Only available in Germany.
Also available as unscented version.
Composition: weigoman® / weigoman® fragrance-free: 100 g solution for application on the skin contains 63.14 g 2-propanol and 14.3 g 1-propanol. Other constituents: purified water, glycerol, butane-1.3-diol, lanolin-poly(oxyethylene)-75.
Additional with weigoman®: fragrance oil Fresh.

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