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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Down to - 86 °C
Ewald Innovationstechnik

Ultra-low temperature freezers (- 86 °C) in horizontal and vertical design, with capacities from 120 to 965 l. Build to protect samples and to save energy.
  • Capacities adapted to the globally used standard box- and rack system.
  • More boxes per freezer, optimal storage capacity of samples.
  • Flexible division: all floor models are equipped with height adjustable shelves.
  • Security: round-the-clock monitoring.
  • Alarms are displayed optically and acoustically using a code and a potential-free contact.
  • Alarm functions: if min. or max. temperature are reached, door alarm or sensor are damaged (in the freezer and / or condenser), tension of battery is too low, battery is empty, voltage deviation, ambient temperature is too high, the motor fan fails.

Cooling technology
  • High performance, sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Extremely quiet operation with silent L'Unité Hermétique compressor.
  • The heat generated in the engine compartment is directly directed backwards to be dissipated.
  • The refrigeration system is filled with non-flammable, environmental-friendly, CFC- and HCFC-free refrigerant.
  • The cooling efficiency and the operational stability are considerably improved by a PC-based refrigerant dispensing system.
  • Refrigerant can be dispensed with an accuracy of 0.1 g.
  • Optional water cooling: the water-cooled condenser consumes between 5 and 10 % less energy and emits less heat into the environment.

Insulation technology
  • Unique insulation technology between interior space and the environment.
  • Combination of PU blocks with a two-component foam liquid (foam in place insulation).
  • The complete refrigeration is conducted in the interior of the freezer and insulation values are considerably improved thanks to the vacuum panel technology.
  • Temperature rise time after power failure from - 86 to - 10 °C: 9 h (with vacuum insulation), 12 h (with foam in place insulation made of PU).

Internet-based control unit with IFREEZE-technologie
The newest measurement and control technology equipped with the latest multimedia and communication technologies. Ensures max. security and reliability.

IFREEZE LOGVIEW: the temperature protocol can be accessed easily. The most important parameters are stored every 20 min in the 512 MB memory. The max. storage period shall be 6 months.

  • USB interface: thanks to a computer programme temperature can be read out and saved graphically.
  • Local network / Ethernet: the status of the freezer is displayed on the website 'Freezer Statistics'. Also suitable for simultaneous use.
  • Internet: in order to broaden the communication options, it is possible to access the freezer via any Internet connection.
Technical Data:
Temperature:- 50 to - 86 °C
Mains supply:220 to 240 V
Min. Arbeitstemperatur:-86.00 °C
Max. Arbeitstemperatur:-50.00 °C
Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Down to - 86 °C  Ewald Innovationstechnik
TypeVolumenInnenbreiteInnentiefeInnenhöheOuter width [mm]Outer depth [mm]Outer height [mm]PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Ultra-low temperature freezer V86-120.1120.00450.00488.001111.00755.00740.001832.00154427151on demand 
Ultra-low temperature freezer V86-240.1244.00450.00488.001111.00755.00740.001832.00154427141on demand 
Ultra-low temperature freezer V86-360.1360.00450.00626.001276.00755.00890.001992.00154427131on demand 
Ultra-low temperature freezer V86-500.1480.00600.00626.001276.00905.00890.001992.00154427121on demand 
Ultra-low temperature freezer V86-600.1600.00750.00626.001276.001055.00890.001992.00154427111on demand 
Ultra-low temperature freezer V86-720.1711.00890.00626.001276.001195.00890.001992.00154427101on demand 
Ultra-low temperature freezer V86-830.1827.001035.00626.001276.001335.00890.001992.00154427091on demand 
Ultra-low temperature freezer V86-1000.1965.00731.001035.001276.001335.00995.001992.00154427081on demand 
Ultra-low temperature chest freezer H86-400.1405.00947.00570.00751.001680.00950.001098.00154427171on demand 
Ultra-low temperature chest freezer H86-570.1568.001327.00570.00751.002060.00950.001098.00154427161on demand 

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