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Autoclave Models HV Series

Simple and robust sterilising.
  • Easy, fully automated programmes.
  • Warming temperature for AGAR production 45 to 60 °C.
  • Standard steam pot programme.
  • Microbiologic and procedural security due to dual sensorics, pressure and temperature control.
  • Compact design.
  • Standard exhaust steam condenser.
  • Practical accessories.
  • Easy cleaning and disposal of residual water.
  • Prepared for validation port.
  • Standard castors.
  • Large, bright display with progress indicators.
  • Gathering temperature for the sterilisation of liquids adjustable at 95, 90 and 85 °C.
  • The quick lock can be opened and closed with one finger.
  • The quick lock and other hot places have a plastic covering.
  • Thanks to the powder coating the device is always clean and free from fingerprints.
  • Safety: electro-mechanical safety lock, safety valve, low-water interrupt, overpressure protection switch, overheating protection switch, circuit breaker, fault indicator (visual and audible).
  • Heating: electrical, with maximum efficiency, directly in the feed water, 3-level protection against overheating.
Technical Data:
Automatic start:1 min to 7 days, night programme
Sterilisation time:1 to 250 min
Mains supply:AC 220 V / 240 V
Lock:quick lock with one-lever operation
Markings: CE, TÜV Bayern e.V.
Vessel material:SUS304 (high-grade st. steel)
Min. Arbeitstemperatur:105.00 °C
Autoclave Models HV Series  HMC
TypeklappbarKammerinnendurchmesserKammerhöheBreiteTiefeHöheGewichtHeizleist.Max. ArbeitstemperaturMax. pressure [bar]PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
HV-L 2525.00240.00550.00480.00950.00460.0041.001.50126.001.401544265217,950.00Order
HV-L 5050.00300.00710.00540.001040.00530.0057.002.00135.002.201544265319,950.00Order
HV-L 8585.00420.00615.00660.001000.00650.0071.003.00128.001.6015442654111,950.00Order
HV-L 110110.00420.00795.00660.001180.00650.0081.004.00123.001.2015442655114,950.00Order
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