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Multiparameter Meters Lab 875 Sets

SI Analytics®

The Lab 875 meter with a digital measuring channel is optimal in the world of digital multi-parameter measurement
using IDS® sensors. The IDS® technology allows optimised measurements and efficient documentation in
the simplest manner.
  • One-channel multi-parameter meter for all IDS® sensors.
  • Digital sensor recognition.
  • Documentation as per GLP / AQS.
  • Automatic, digital capture of all IDS® sensor data for traceability of measured values.
  • User administration capabilities can be activated for the safe allocation of user and measuring results.
  • Transmission of all data in *.csv format via USB interface to PC; if desired, formatted.
  • Transmission to Excel (MultiLab® Importer, incl. in the delivery or as a download).
  • Output directly into a printer.

Items supplied:
One channel instrument for IDS® sensors in order to measure pH, mV, conductivity, DO and temperature. Mini USB-B interface, data storage, GLP compliant. Incl. stand, power supply, BlueLine 14 pH IDS® and conductivity buffer solutions.
Technical Data:
Parameter:pH, mV, saturation, concentration, partial pressure, conductivity, specific. resistance, salinity, TDS, temperature
Universal measuring channels:1
Temperature compensation:all except for ORP
Calibration points

1 to 5
Dissolved oxygen:
Calibration records:max. 10
Calibration timer:1 to 999 days
Memory entries:manual: 500 data sets
automatic: 10000 data sets
Interface:mini USB-B
Display:graphic b / w
Power supply:universal power supply, battery (4 x 1.5 V AA type)
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Multiparameter Meters Lab 875 Sets    SI Analytics®
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Lab 875 pH set1577408211,482.00Order
Lab 875 Cond set1570425111,725.00Order
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