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Macro Cuvettes, 4 Clear Sided, PS / UV-Transparent

The macro cuvettes, 4 clear sided, are suitable for fluorescence spectroscopy. The UV-transparent cuvette can be used from a wavelength of 230 nm and shows no autofluorescence.
  • Clear, clean optical path.
  • Manufactured under controlled room conditions and packaged fully automatically, without human contact.
  • Packed grouped by mold cavity number to ensure lowest variation of extinction coefficient.
Technical Data:
Light path:10 mm
Filling volume:2.5 to 4.5 ml
Dimensions (B x H):10 x 35 mm
Wavelength max.900 [nm]
Materialno indication
Macro Cuvettes, 4 Clear Sided, PS / UV-Transparent  BRAND
TypeWavelength min.DescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Makro-Küvette, PS340Standardabweichung 360 nm1005442528115.43Order
Makro-Küvette, PS340Standardabweichung 360 nm5005442529171.73Order
Makro-Küvette, UV-transparent230Standardabweichung 320 nm1005442530141.80Order
Makro-Küvette, UV-transparent230Standardabweichung 320 nm50054425311188.00Order

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