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Accessories for Water Purification System PURELAB® CHORUS 1

TypeForDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Wall mounting kit for Halo dispenser163773641355.32Order
Wall mounting kitfor PURELAB CHORUS 151993431305.64Order
Purification pack for RO feed water163773651491.40Order
Disinfection cartridge  154424481182.52Order
Ultrafiltration module (UF) 5 kDa for Life Science model163098261988.20Order
Ultra-micro filter (UMF) 0.05 μm for Analytical Research model163784681341.28Order
Replacement UV lamp for Life Science and Analytical Research models154424491289.44Order
POU filter 0.2 μm163563791204.12Order
PU biofilter  160093761303.48Order
Pre-treatment filter 5" 0.2 μm nominal15442450189.64Order
Purification packs for further feed water qualities available on request.
Further accessories and suitable pre-treatment systems available on request.

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