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Surgical Masks Suavel® Comfort / Protec

Surgical masks, disposable.
  • Compliant with EN 14683 type II.
  • 3-ply.
  • No irritation from threads or loosening of the stitching thanks to ultrasonic sealing, latex and glass fiber free.
  • Thanks to the reinforced nosepiece and the extra-long straps, this mask fits the face perfectly.

For standard and long-term use and all operating room applications, ward use for the protection of both users and patients. A high level of comfort is guaranteed, even after prolonged use.
Basic model offering a very high level of comfort. It is well-tolerated by the skin thanks to the high quality materials used.
  • Low breathing resistance and a bacteria filter efficiency (BFE) of > 98 %.
Mask typeno indication
Respiratory protection classmedical
Exhalation valveno
Materialno indication
Sterileno indication
Surgical Masks Suavel® Comfort / Protec  Meditrade®
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR Order qty.
Order qty.
Suavel® Protecwith elastic ear loops505204487141.60 +1.95%Order  
Suavel® Comfortfor tying50634204014.45 +1.95%Order66

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