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Portable Precision Balances Highland™

Durable and compact, the Highland™ portable precision balance is packed with practical features for use in a laboratory or in the field.

The patented HandiCal® offers quick and effortless calibration without using external weights (only models without EC type approval). To help deter theft, the balance provides a built-in security slot for a Kensington type lock and cable.

A rechargeable battery, removable draught shield, adjustable feet, levelling bubble, st. steel pan and a weigh-below hook for density and specific gravity measurements are standard on the balance.
  • Vivid, backlit LCD easily visible in any lighting conditions.
  • Capacity tracker built into display for easily monitoring possible overloads.
  • Removable draught shield helps to reduce errors caused by air currents.
  • Rechargeable battery incl. for operation almost anywhere.
  • Internal calibration eliminates need for external weight set (only models without EC type approval).
  • USB and RS232 interfaces provide speedy communication with computers and printers.
  • Level indicator and adjustable feet.
  • Security slot for optional Kensington-type lock and cable.
  • Large, st. steel pan allows easy cleaning.

Weighing, parts counting, percentage weighing, accumulation of weight.
Technical Data:
Tare range:full range
Pan Ø:120 mm
Weighing units:

Weighing units (HCB series):
g, lb, oz, N, GN, ct, dr, dwt, mm, ozt, T, tl.H, tl.S, tl.T
g, ct, kg
Calibration:external / internal manual
Display:backlit LCD with 18 mm high digits
Mains supply:12 V DC, 50 / 60 Hz, 800 mA adapter / internal rechargeable battery
Operating temperature:0 to 40 °C
Draught shield:round 132 mm Ø x 90 mm
Overall dimensions (W x D x H):174 x 252 x 80 mm
Portable Precision Balances Highland™  Adam
Portable Precision Balances Highland™  Adam
Portable Precision Balances Highland™  Adam
Portable Precision Balances Highland™  Adam
Portable Precision Balances Highland™  Adam
TypeCapacity gReadability gReadability g / gaugedDraft shieldPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
HCB 1231200.001-round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154434031455.00Order
HCB 1531500.005-round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154434041324.00Order
HCB 3023000.01-round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154434051324.00Order
HCB 6026000.02-round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154434061324.00Order
HCB 602H6000.01-round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154434071348.00Order
HCB 100210000.01-round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154434081393.00Order
HCB 150215000.05-round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154434091324.00Order
HCB 220222000.01-round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154443191467.00Order
HCB 300130000.1-round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154434101324.00Order
HCB 600160000.1--, Ø 145 mm154443201376.00Order
HCB 602M*6000.010.1round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154443141410.00Order
HCB 1002M*10000.010.1round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154443151505.00Order
HCB 5001M*50000.11round, Ø 130 x 90 mm154443181on demand 
* With gauge.
Routine control and testing of laboratory balances / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM
Test reports for laboratory balances / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM

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