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IDS WLM - Wireless Modules for IDS Plug Head Sensors

Measurement of pH, redox, conductivity and turbidity without the need of a cable with IDS plug head sensors and wireless modules. One module for all parameters.

Put your wireless module on your IDS plug head sensor, confirm the connection, done. Put your module at your desired sensor or use a separate one for each of your sensors. No cables, no tugging, full flexibility in all areas where cables or meters disturb, even under laboratory hoods or laminar flow benches.

The module at the meter works depending on its number of channels with up to 3 sensors simultaneously.

Suitable meters: MultiLine 3510 IDS, 3620 IDS, 3630 IDS, inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS, 9620 IDS and 9630 IDS.
Technical Data:
Radio standard:Bluetooth LE
Range:about 10 m
Power supply:rechargeable LiPo battery 230 mAh
Continuous operating times:IDS pH electrodes: 60 h
IDS ORP electrodes: 60 h
IDS conductivity cells: 30 h (conductivity up to 1 S / cm)
IDS FDO® sensor: 9 h
IDS turbidity sensor: 5 h
Signal:RGB LED
Protection class:IP 43
Sensors:all WTW IDS sensors with plug head
IDS WLM - Wireless Modules for IDS Plug Head Sensors  WTW
TypePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
IDS WLM-S Wireless Modules for Plug Head Sensors154432551168.00Order
IDS WLM-M Wireless Modules for IDS-Device154432561137.00Order
WLM-Charger, USB-charging device for Sensor-Wireless Modules154432571113.00Order
IDS WLM Kit, 1 Wireless Module per Sensor + Device, USB charging-device, Universal-USB-power supply154432581334.00Order

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