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Surface Disinfection X-Wipes Safety Pack

Single-use fleece wipe dispenser for easy and safe disinfection of surfaces. Suitable for all liquid surface disinfectants from HARTMANN.

Flexibility known from the X-Wipes system combined with a max. of hygienic safety, as no reprocessing is necessary. Thanks to the special combination of shaped dispensing system, rigid bag material and moulded bottom, the system stands upright until the last wipe has been dispensed.
  • Targeted use in high-risk areas.
  • Good stableness.
  • High-quality PET fleece guarantees optimal release of active ingredients.
  • The system is filled with 2.5 l of disinfection solution.
  • Solution can be used for 28 days.
  • To facilitate the transport to the place of application, the X-Wipes Safety Pack comes with a transparent handle.
  • X-Wipes fleece roll in the Safety Pack with integrated filling / dispensing opening.
  • Accurately fitting cover to protect wipes against contamination and drying.
  • Original seal of unused Safety Packs.
  • Absorbent X-Wipes PET fleece roll (60 g / m²) with 90 wipes; rectangular wipe format 200 x 380 mm ensures a particularly good wetting of the surfaces.

Fields of application:
X-Wipes Safety Pack is recommended for the disinfecting surface cleaning in all areas in hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories that require max. hygiene, costeffectiveness and user convenience, e. g. on work surfaces, patient stretchers, near-patient surfaces, surfaces in isolation rooms, to prevent cross contamination in critical hygiene areas, in areas that have no water connection and wherever hygienic reprocessing is not possible.

X-Wipes Safety Packs consist of a dispensing system, a dry X-Wipes fleece roll and a stand-up pouch. After having removed the original seal inside the cover, the system is filled with a suitable surface disinfection solution.
Surface Disinfection X-Wipes Safety Pack  HARTMANN
Surface Disinfection X-Wipes Safety Pack  HARTMANN
Surface Disinfection X-Wipes Safety Pack  HARTMANN
Surface Disinfection X-Wipes Safety Pack  HARTMANN
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Surface-disinfectant cleaner Mikrobac forte / Hartmann, Paul

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