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Stirring Bars SATELLITE

Extremely strong, abrasion- and wear-free magnetic stirring bar, bearing on a tripod-construction, especially for the use in st. steel vessels and in the case of media containing abrasive particles, e. g. sand or sediments, no direct contact between stirring bar and reaction vessel, therefore steady firm, wear-free.
Stirring Bars SATELLITE  2mag
TypeLength [mm]HöheGewichtDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
SATELLITE 7070.0013.000.15tripod Ø 99 mm, recommended for MIX 1 XL, MIXdrive 1 XL, PTFE coating154393761445.00Order
SATELLITE 140140.0032.000.46tripod Ø 227 mm, recommended for maxMIX, MAXdrive, FABdrive, ZEDEX coating163748841525.00Order
Chemical resistance comparable to PTFE.

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