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Stirring bars ASTEROID

Magnetic stirring bar, very strong, for large stirring volumes, viscous media, stirring over wide distances or for disadvantageous vessel bottoms, 4 x higher torque transmissible, unbeatable increased mixing effect, significantly higher rotation speed reachable, concave design for a min. of bearing surface and reliable rotation, triangular shape for powerful shear force, better mixing effect at lower rotation speed, 300 % less PTFE abrasion, better mixing effect at lower speed, high quality, even and sealed PTFE cover, FDA-conform, steam sterilisable at 121 °C, no demagnetisation effect, multiple improved performances for all types of magnetic stirrers.
Stirring bars ASTEROID  2mag
TypeLength [mm]HöheGewichtPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
ASTEROID 2525.0014.000.0715439375138.00Order
ASTEROID 4040.0028.000.1216377095154.00Order
ASTEROID 7070.0039.000.37163748831224.00Order

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