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Magnetic Stirrers MAXdrive / FABdrive

Strong magnetic stirrer, large set-up area. Very strong magnetic coupling, for highly viscous media, for magnetic power transmission over wide distances, for thick vessel bottoms or double-coat vessels, ideal for the integration into process engineering systems, maintenance-free, fully encapsulated, tight st. steel housing, very extremely robust construction, easy to clean, 3 years warranty, developed and made in Germany.

Identical to MAXdrive, but with more powerful motor / magnetic coupling, space-saving housing, ideal for integration.
Technical Data:
Protection category:IP 64
Electrical data:24 VDC
No. of stirring points:1
Separate controller:yes
Magnetic Stirrers MAXdrive / FABdrive  2mag
TypeMax. stirring quantity (H2O) [l]Min. DrehzahlMax. DrehzahlBreiteTiefeHöheGewichtPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Magnetic stirrer MAXdrive250.00100.001200.00260.00260.0068.009.801543937111,782.00Order
Magnetic stirrer FABdrive1000.0080.00990.00180.00180.0075.004.801543937312,315.00Order
Please order the control units separately.
Control units MAXcontrol / FABcontrol / 2mag
Stirring bars ASTEROID / 2mag
Stirring bars SATELLITE / 2mag

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