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Open Heating Bath Circulators CORIO™ C

The refrigerated / heating circulators of the generation CORIO™ are ideal for all standard tasks and routine work in the laboratory and industry. They are ready for operation with just a few quick and easy steps. Control the circulator and the refrigeration unit with only one power switch. All operating controls and safety functions are accessed easily and comfortably from the front.

The pump is controlled via a lever located directly below the display. Easily change between internal and external circulation. Specially designed pyramids ensure that the condensed liquid drips directly back into the bath. Thanks to the recessed cooling coil, the internal bath provides more space.

CORIO™ works robust and reliable - even at ambient temperatures of up to 40 °C. Development consistently applied environmentally friendly materials and technologies.
  • Bright display with strong illumination can be viewed easily from a long distance.
  • Optimum safety: the ergonomic plastic handle protects fingers from hot surfaces.
  • Space saving due to eliminated vents and connections on the sides.
  • Minimised energy loss through high-quality insulation.
  • Mobile: integrated castors for easy repositioning of refrigerated circulators (CD-600F).
  • Saves energy: various modes for the refrigeration unit - permanently on, permanently off or on as refrigeration is needed.
  • Complies with Class III (FL) acc. to DIN 12876-1 and switches off automatically in case of high temperature or low liquid level alarm.
  • Rubber feet allow for a secured footing to prevent damage to the laboratory equipment.
  • CORIO™ CD circulators feature a USB connection.
  • Soft and quiet operation.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • ATC: Absolute Temperature Calibration, 1-point calibration.
  • Condensation protection.
  • Exact thanks to PID1 control and 'Active Cooling Control'.
  • The lockable power plug guarantees safe connection and process safety.
  • Inclined pump connections (M16 x 1) facilitate the connection of applications; each unit includes 2 barbed fittings of 8 / 12 mm Ø each.
  • The special drain tap for easy draining of bath fluids without tools.
For internal temperature applications with transparent or st. steel bath tanks.

The open heating bath circulators feature durable, high-quality bath tanks. For internal applications.

Temperature control of samples, preparation of samples for serology and clinical chemistry, analysis, material testing and more.
Technical Data:
Working temperature range:20 to 100 °C
Temperature stability:± 0.03 °C
Heating capacity:2 kW
Flow rate:6 l / min
Pressure:0.1 bar
Open Heating Bath Circulators CORIO™ C  Julabo
Open Heating Bath Circulators CORIO™ C  Julabo
Open Heating Bath Circulators CORIO™ C  Julabo
TypeFilling volume lBath opening / depth mmSize (W x D x H) mmDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
CORIO™ C-BT53.5 to 5150 x 150 / 150230 x 380 x 380transparent bath tank154391201982.00Order
CORIO™ C-BT96 to 9230 x 150 / 150320 x 380 x 380transparent bath tank1543912111,029.00Order
CORIO™ C-BT1914 to 19300 x 350 / 150380 x 580 x 380transparent bath tank1543912211,100.00Order
CORIO™ C-BT2720 to 27300 x 350 / 200380 x 580 x 430transparent bath tank1543912311,146.00Order
CORIO™ C-B53.5 to 5150 x 150 / 150230 x 380 x 410st. steel bath tank1543912411,064.00Order
CORIO™ C-B139 to 13300 x 180 / 150380 x 400 x 420st. steel bath tank1543912511,260.00Order
CORIO™ C-B1713 to 17300 x 180 / 200380 x 400 x 470st. steel bath tank1543912611,340.00Order
CORIO™ C-B1914 to 19300 x 350 / 150380 x 580 x 420st. steel bath tank1543912711,336.00Order
CORIO™ C-B2717 to 27300 x 350 / 200380 x 580 x 470st. steel bath tank1543912811,487.00Order
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