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Rotary Evaporator RC 600 / RC 900
KNF Neuberger

Simple and safe rotary evaporation. High-performance system with intuitive handling and valuable functions, that provide support for everyday lab work.
  • Sleek design, min. footprint.
  • Whisper quiet for a pleasant working environment: lift and rotation of the RC 900 are virtually silent.
  • Versatile use, simple operation: the system offers central remote control for all functions and operation via touchscreen and control knob.
  • Relevant parameters for distillation and for the heating bath are easily set by touching and turning.
  • Memory function: simply press the memory button to save the flaskás current immersion depth and rotation speed.
  • Cordless heating bath with pour spout for safe emptying without spilling.
  • Cooling condenser is straightforward to detach by turning the clamping nut. The cooling condenser is also extremely easy to clean.
  • Tube guide inside the tower: tidy and safe, with tubes no longer an obstruction.
  • Uncomplicated flask exchange: flask simply locks into place; and can be done with one hand.
  • Convenient, fully adjustable flask angle set via a control knob.
Technical Data:
Heating bath temperature:+ 20 to + 180 °C
Coolant supply parameters (chilled condenser)
Permissible pressure:

3 bar
Permissible temperature:
Coolant-coated surface:
- 15 to + 20 °C
1230 cm2
Size of evaporation flask:50 to 3000 ml
Length of stroke:
Lifting speed:
150 mm
38 mm / s
Total weight:
Dimensions (W x D x H):
9.1 kg
431 x 447 x 464 mm (without glass)
487 x 447 x 823 mm (with glass)
Vacuum, coolant, and refill connections:
Max. altitude of installation:
GL 14
2000 m above sea level
Wireless range of remote control unit:approx. 50 m without obstacles
Protection class:IP20
Heating output:1300 W
Max. power consumption:max. 1500 W
Rotary Evaporator RC 600 / RC 900  KNF Neuberger
Rotary Evaporator RC 600 / RC 900  KNF Neuberger
Rotary Evaporator RC 600 / RC 900  KNF Neuberger
Rotary Evaporator RC 600 / RC 900  KNF Neuberger
TypeSpeed range min-1PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Rotary evaporator RC 60025 to 280154443471on demand 
Rotary evaporator RC 90025 to 250154387011on demand 
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