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ASTM-Hydrometers acc. to ASTM E2995-14
Ludwig Schneider

Precision hydrometer for density determination of mineral oils. Hydrometer with integrated thermometer - 20 to + 65 °C in 1 °C, blue, eco-friendly filling. Optional with works calibration certificate or a DAkkS calibration certificate available.
Technical Data:
Ref. temperature (Tp.):15 °C
Scale units:0.5 kg / m3
Tolerance:± 0.5 kg / m3
Blue filling, tolerance:± 1 °C
Total length (L):380 mm
ASTM-Hydrometers acc. to ASTM E2995-14  Ludwig Schneider
Field of applicationMin. rangeMax. rangeTypePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
mineral oil industry600.00650.00S500HL-1415438664189.41Order
mineral oil industry650.00700.00S501HL-1415438665189.41Order
mineral oil industry700.00750.00S502HL-1415438666183.32Order
mineral oil industry750.00800.00S503HL-1415438667183.32Order
mineral oil industry800.00850.00S504HL-1415438668183.32Order
mineral oil industry850.00900.00S505HL-1415438669183.32Order
mineral oil industry900.00950.00S506HL-1415438670183.32Order
mineral oil industry950.001000.00S507HL-1415438671183.32Order
mineral oil industry1000.001050.00S508HL-1415438672189.41Order
mineral oil industry1050.001100.00S509HL-1415438673189.41Order
mineral oil industry775.00825.00S510HL-1415438674183.32Order

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