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Stereomicroscopes Stemi 305

Compact size, big impact: your stereo microscope with integrated illumination and documentation.

Stemi 305 is your compact Greenough stereo microscope with 5:1 zoom. Equally at home in the biology classroom, research lab or on the industrial shop floor. Observe your samples as they are: threedimensional and crisp in contrast with no preparation required. Then share your images, whenever you want.

Profit from an easy-to-use microscope, where everything is integrated: long-life LED illumination, reflected and transmitted light and documentation. Stemi 305 makes documentation easy and affordable. Simply snap your images with the integrated 1.2 MP WiFi camera and share them using Labscope, the iPad imaging app.

Or opt for the conventional phototube to have access to all Axiocam cameras and free ZEN lite imaging software.

Configured to your requirements

  • Stemi 305.
  • Stemi 305 trino with phototube (fixed division 50/50).
  • Stemi 305 cam with integrated camera.

  • Stand K, stand K MAT, stand K EDU, stand K LAB.
  • Boom stands: stand A, stand U with tilting arm.

Illumination techniques
Reflected light, transmitted light and variable mixed light, Brightfield, darkfield and oblique light, polarisation.

  • Reflected light: spot, double spot, ring light, near vertical, polarisation.
  • Transmitted light: homogeneous brightfield, darkfield, oblique light with relief contrast, polarisation.

Eyepieces and interchangeable front optics, eyepiece reticles, fiberoptic cold-light sources with various light guides, stages, polarisation accessories.

Simpler. More intelligent. More integrated.
Stemi 305 integrates everything you need. This compact Greenough stereo microscope comes without additional boxes and cables.

With the microscope camera already on board, youre prepared to save your results, share your images and collaborate on projects with friends, colleagues and classmates.

An LED illumination is already integrated in stands K EDU / LAB / MAT and provides reflected, oblique and transmitted light. Easily select and mix the integrated LED illuminations such as vertical and oblique reflected light, so as transmitted light.

Stemi 305 comes with 2 options for documentation. Choose the conventional phototube and have access to all Axiocam microscope cameras.

With the iPad imaging app Labscope you create your own virtual classroom and share your images.

Stemi 305 microscope sets for education, lab and industry ensure optimised object illumination for your application.

Created for your applications
You observe and identify biological samples during biology lessons, in the classroom and in the lab.

In a teaching environment you connect microscopes and build up your own virtual network.

In your practical botanical work, you investigate the morphology of plantsá organs. Your zoological studies deal with worms, snails, spiders, frogs, crabs, eggs and larvae.

As a fungus expert, you investigate the macroscopic characteristics of the fruiting bodies of large fungi to differentiate between edible mushrooms and inedible look-alikes. The Stemi 305 large working distance allows you to examine whole mushrooms without the need for extensive preparation.

Are you a veterinarian who carries out investigations and does surgery? Then you will particularly appreciate the shadow-free, homogeneous illumination provided by Stemi 305 as well as the flexible alignment of the microscope with stand U with tilting arm.

You want to configure your individual device? Just contact us, we are happy to help!

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Stereomicroscope Stemi 305, education kitStereomicroscope Stemi 305, education kit1543859811,278.00Order
Stereomicroscope Stemi 305, laboratory kitStereomicroscope Stemi 305, laboratory kit1543859911,699.00Order
Stereomicroscope Stemi 305, industrial kitStereomicroscope Stemi 305, industrial kit1543860011,558.00Order

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