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Accessories for Heracell™ VIOS 160 i CO2 Incubators
Thermo Scientific

TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Portable IR-CO2 meter-15425311-0011on demand 
Additional shelf, incl. 2 support railsst. steel, full-width15431652-0011on demand 
Additional shelf, incl. 2 support railssolid copper, full-width15431653-0011on demand 
Set of 3 Heratrays 1/3 widthst. steel (autoclaveable)15431654-0011on demand 
Set of 3 Heratrays 1/3 widthsolid copper15431655-0011on demand 
Set of 2 Heratrays ½ widthst. steel (autoclaveable)15431656-0011on demand 
Set of 2 Heratrays ½ widthsolid copper15431657-0011on demand 
Infrared CO2 sensor (IR180Si)180 °C temperature resistant, with silicon MEMS emitter154381191on demand 
Internal 4-20 mA analog data output-154381201406.00Order
Internal gas giudefor CO2154381211776.00Order
Internal gas giudefor N2 / O2154381221787.00Order
External outer casingst. steel154381231578.00Order
3 door inner gas tight screen-1543857912,914.00Order
1 to 21 % O2 control-1543858012,071.00Order
5 to 90 % O2 control-1543858112,027.00Order
1 to 21 % O2 controlwith 3 door inner gas tight screen door1543858214,982.00Order
5 to 90 % O2 controlwith 3 door inner gas tight screen door1543858314,944.00Order
Support frame for double chamber172 mm high (with casters)154385841740.00Order
Support frame for double chamber200 mm high (without casters)154385851675.00Order
Support frame for single chamber780 mm high (without casters)154385861755.00Order
Adapter required for stacking VIOS models-154385871on demand 
Stacking adapter configured to stack a Heracell VIOs on top of Heracell 150i-154385881352.00Order
Door lock retrofit kitkey entry, to prevent unauthorised access*154385891on demand 
Replacement in chamber HEPA filter-154385901117.00Order
CO2 gas regulator2-stage, for gas tank154385911563.00Order
N2 gas regulator2-stage, for gas tank154385921587.00Order
O2 gas regulator2-stage, for gas tank154385931652.00Order
External gas tank monitor GM 2: automatic change-over to reserve tankwith visual-acoustic signal, for wall or table installation1543859411,598.00Order
IR gas tester interface kitWindows Vista und XP compatible154385951509.00Order
Inlet port filtersfor IR testers554385961127.00Order
Left hinge door configuration (free of charge)-15536037-0021on demand 
* Requires service installation in field.

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