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Bio-Bottles, Narrow Mouth

With the LaboPlast® Bio and SteriPlast® Bio product lines, we offer you products that feature all the properties for high-quality sampling. The improved specifications in this area can in part only be realised with disposable products. However, in order to take into account environmental awareness and to safeguard ecologically sustainable trade, we now also offer these disposable products made of bio plastic.

LaboPlast® Bio products are only manufactures from renewable raw materials. SteriPlast® Bio products are also sterilised by gamma rays. To create a completely sustainable product, the individual packaging is also made of bio PE. This is 100 % recyclable and is manufactured without fossil raw materials. This also involves a CO2 saving as well as a reduction of the greenhouse effect.

Optimum product properties
  • A perfect match for sampling purposes.
  • Complies with EU food requirements and FDA regulations.
  • Mainly manufactured, assembled and packed in Bürkle's own clean room.
  • Also available as SteriPlast® Bio (sterilised by gamma rays).

Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Product and packaging made of bio-plastic.
  • Made of sustainable raw materials, without fossil materials.
  • CO2 saving and thus reduction of the greenhouse effect.
  • 100 % recyclable.
The narrow mouth bio bottles are made of bio-plastic Green PE. This material inheres the same characteristics as conventional PE. It is recyclable and entirely made of renewable materials instead of fossil raw materials. Thus Green PE helps to reduce CO2 emission and to protect the environment.
  • With screw cap.
  • Made of renewable resources.
  • Green PELD.
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Bio-Bottles, Narrow Mouth  Bürkle
VolumenThread of screw capHöheHöheInnen-Ø mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
50.00GL 1886.0040.0013.00154384791on demand 
100.00GL 18106.0045.0013.00105438480114.60Order
250.00GL 25140.0060.0018.00105438481124.20Order
500.00GL 25173.0075.0018.00105438482134.90Order
1000.00GL 28213.0095.0021.00105438483153.00Order

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