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LaboPlast® Single-Use Scoops

The LaboPlast® disposable scoop made of PS is produced and assembled in our clean room of class 7 and individually packaged for disposable use.

The disposable scoop is ideal for powders, granulates and pastes.

The scoop with transparent cover can be closed immediately after sampling and the exclusion of contamination can therefore be safeguarded.

Ergonomics were particularly important to us for the design of the scoop. The scoop stands horizontally as a result of the special handle design and the slightly angled front edge and can therefore be put down without the sample material trickling out.
  • PS, white.
  • Individually packaged.
  • Production, assembly and packaging acc. to clean room class 7.
  • Complies with EU food requirements and FDA regulations.
Sterile:no indication
MaterialVolumenLength [mm]DescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
PS25.00141.00without lid105438484117.10Order
PS25.00142.00with lid105438485126.75Order
PS50.00160.00without lid105438486117.70Order
PS50.00161.00with lid105438487127.60Order
PS100.00205.00without lid105438488118.35Order
PS100.00206.00with lid105438489128.35Order
PS150.00216.00without lid105438490118.70Order
PS150.00218.00with lid105438491128.90Order
PS250.00232.00without lid105439432122.85Order
PS250.00235.00with lid105439433138.75Order
PS500.00280.00without lid105439434140.50Order
PS500.00283.00with lid105439435168.75Order
PS1000.00332.00without lid105444466152.45Order

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