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headlight LED

Powerful LED light for perfect illumination.

The small LED light combines 2 high-performance SMD LEDs with a lens that concentrates the light - producing a powerful, bright and homogeneous field of light in the area of reach. As the headlight is positioned close to the eyes, work can be carried out with shadow-free illumination and in an ergonomic and non-tiring manner, with a virtually constant illumination level. The headlight can be positioned with a very high level of precision and this makes it the perfect solution when pinpoint illumination is required - and therefore the ideal accessory for maxDetail, the labo-comfort headband magnifier and the magnifying reader combi-plus. The headlight LED can be easily attached to reading glasses by means of a clip or used in combination with a carrier system by those who do not wear glasses.
  • Small, lightweight and compact LED light.
  • Light can be concentrated at a specific working distance by means of CPC optics (Compound Parabolic Concentrator).
  • Light is focused in a precise and glare-free manner.
  • Power supply via handy, compact battery housing and cable.
  • Flexible cable with additional adapter for attaching to eyewear temple.
  • Virtually constant illumination throughout the entire lighting period.
  • Illumination strength: approx. 3200 lx in 250 mm, 1200 lx in 400 mm.
  • Illumination period: approx. 8 h in normal mode, approx. 14 h in eco mode.
  • The light can be tilted vertically into the required position.
  • Shadow-free and flicker-free illumination.
  • Battery housing can be comfortably carried on the belt or in the shirt pocket.
  • Low energy consumption as the light is optimised for use with rechargeable batteries.
  • 3 x AA batteries / case.
Technical Data:
Lamp housing
Dimensions:32 x 20 x 34 mm
Weight:11 g
Tilting range:vertical
Battery housing
Dimensions:90 x 55 x 29 mm (without clip)
90 x 55 x 40 mm (with clip)
Weight:60 g (without batteries)
Cable length:1 m
headlight LED  Eschenbach
headlight LED  Eschenbach
headlight LED  Eschenbach
headlight LED  Eschenbach
headlight LED  Eschenbach
headlight LED  Eschenbach
BeleuchtungDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
LEDheadlight LED154383551121.00Order
LEDheadlight LED with a carrier system for non-spectacle wearers154383561145.00Order
LEDheadlight LED with clip for spectacle wearers154383571145.00Order
LEDheadlight LED with maxDetail154383581240.00Order

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