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Water Can PROFI

Water can PROFI, natural, in robust design. For versatile applications at work and in the free time. Made of food resistant PEHD. Ideal for drinking water and food (seals are not suitable for applications with fuels and chemicals).
  • UV protection for a long life time.
  • Space-saving, stackable.
  • With integrated stopcock with wide thread, transparent PE foil for stopcock protection, blue screw connection Ø 65 mm, screw plug and thread 22 mm at the narrow side.
Technical Data:
Inner Ø of filling opening:48 mm
Dimensions (D x W x H):165 x 350 x 310 mm
Water Can PROFI  hünersdorff
TypeVolumenMaterialAblaufhahn / ZapfhahnColourPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Water can PROFI12.00PEHDwith[_7/0_]554383131162.70 +5.00%Order
Adhesive labels petrol / diesel fuel / hünersdorff

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