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VISOCOLOR® Reagent Case for Soil Analysis

Reagent case for soil analysis. For its many ecological functions a biologically active soil, which is extensively used for agriculture, has to be maintained and supported. The best, economically and ecologically most meaningful procedure is to analyse first the important parameters of the soil before planning measures such as fertilisation, liming etc.

The VISOCOLOR® reagent case for soil analysis has been developed for the rapid, convenient and reliable determination of the soil condition, even in the field.
  • Universally usable.
  • Manual with background information available.
  • Optimal combination of test papers and colorimetric tests.
  • Incl. additional analytical devices such as balance, sieve etc.
  • Simple sample preparation.
  • Fast determination of nutrients in the soil.
  • Comfortable and reliable analytics on-site.

The reagent case contains the following test:
  • QUANTOFIX® test strips: ammonium 10-400 mg / l NH4+ , nitrate / nitrite 10-500 mg / l NO3- / 1-80 mg / l 2-.
  • VISOCOLOR® ECO test: potassium 2-15 mg / l K+.
  • VISOCOLOR® HE tests: phosphate 1-20 mg / l P / 100 g, pH 4.0 to 10.0.
VISOCOLOR® Reagent Case for Soil Analysis  MACHEREY-NAGEL
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VISOCOLOR® reagent case for soil analysis154382141725.00Order
If required by national regulations for soil analysis or because of local geological conditions, the VISOCOLOR® reagent case for soil analysis can also be used together with extraction solutions other than CaCl2 or CAL.

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