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UHPLC Solvents
PanReac AppliChem

Over the last years, the use of Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) has significantly increased over conventional High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) due to the number of advantages that it offers. Thanks to the improvements that UHPLC offers in terms of analysis speed, sensitivity and resolution, the number of laboratories purchasing UHPLC units is increasing. These advantages are the result of significant improvements in the technology of those units (detectors, automated injectors, pumps, columns, etc.). To obtain the best performance from these UHPLC units, it is recommended that appropriate high purity solvents are used to avoid their interfering with analysis.

PanReac AppliChem now offers improved specifications of HPLC gradient quality acetonitrile, methanol and water so that they are adequate for use in UHPLC:
  • Lower non-volatile matter content.
  • Improved transparency at low wavelengths.
  • Control of base line drift.
UHPLC Solvents  PanReac AppliChem
UHPLC Solvents  PanReac AppliChem
UHPLC Solvents  PanReac AppliChem
DescriptionContentsPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Acetonitrile1000 ml1PAN 221881.1611on demand 
Acetonitrile4 l1PAN 221881.1641on demand 
Acetonitrile5 l1PAN 221881.0311on demand 
Acetonitrile10 l1PAN 221881.0511on demand 
Acetonitrile25 l1PAN 221881.0511on demand 
Acetonitrile30 l1PAN 221881.0531on demand 
Acetonitrile200 l1PAN 221881.0511on demand 
Acetonitrile1000 l1PAN 221881.0571on demand 
Methanol1000 ml1PAN 221091.1611on demand 
Methanol2.5 l1PAN 221091.1611on demand 
Methanol4 l1PAN 221091.1641on demand 
Methanol5 l1PAN 221091.0311on demand 
Methanol10 l1PAN 221091.0511on demand 
Methanol25 l1PAN 221091.0511on demand 
Methanol30 l1PAN 221091.0531on demand 
Methanol200 l1PAN 221091.0511on demand 
Methanol1000 l1PAN 221091.0571on demand 
Water1000 ml1PAN 221074.1611on demand 
Water2.5 l1PAN 221074.1611on demand 

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