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Portable Conductivity Meter Seven2Go Pro™ S7

Powerful, waterproof professional meter (IP67) for precise conductivity measurements in the lab, production and field.
  • High-resolution, multifunctional display with backlight.
  • Acoustical and optical status display / indication.
  • Various GLP support with ISM®, expert- and user mode.
  • Waterproof micro-USB-connection for simple data transfer.
  • Operating menu with 12 selectable languages.
  • Data logger for up to 2000 data sets.
  • 1-point calibration with automatic buffer recognition / 3 pre-defined, 1 freely definable standard.
  • Automatic, time interval or manual data logging.
  • Very easy operation due to different user modes / levels
  • IP67 water- / dustproof
Technical Data:
Conductivity:0.01 µS / cm to 1000 mS / cm
TDS:0.1 mg / l to 600 g / l
Specific resistance:0.00 to 100 MOhm x cm
Salinity:0.00 to 42.00 psu
Temperature measuring range / resolution:- 5 to + 105 °C / 0.1 °C
Min. Messwert~[μS/cμ²]:0.01
Max. Messwert:1000.00 [mS]
Portable Conductivity Meter Seven2Go Pro™ S7  METTLER TOLEDO
AusführungVersionTypeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
mobile devicebasic deviceS7-Metermeter, clip, batteries, certificate1543780711,120.00Order
mobile devicesetS7-Standard Kitas S7-meter plus probe InLab® 738-ISM, conductivity standards (bag), sample vials1543780811,485.00Order
mobile devicesetS7-Field Kitas S7-Standard Kit plus field case1543780911,550.00Order
mobile devicesetS7-USP / EP Kitas S7-Standard Kit but with probe InLab® 742-ISM1543781011,635.00Order

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