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Infrared Moisture Analyser MA160

Moisture analyser for complex applications. The MA160 provides fast, highly repeatable moisture results, management of several methods for different products and transfer of methods between instruments. It ensures easy method development and management, as well as simple sample handling and instrument performance testing.
  • The assistant function for new methods in 3 simple steps.
  • High storage capacity: load or save up to 100 methods; quickly develop a library by exchanging method files or downloading them from an application database.
  • Easy-to-run performance testing: with function for running an instrument performance test; easy to use along with the ReproEasy Pad feature for complete reproducibility.
  • Effortless cleaning: the heating module and the sample chamber plate can be removed and cleaned in a dishwasher - this BetterClean design ensures easy, thorough cleaning of the instrument parts.
  • Shutoff criteria: fully automatic, semi-automatic, time setting, manual.
  • User interface: Intuitive, easy to follow user interface with touchscreen; weighing-in help and target value attainment function; drying curve or progress bar option.
  • 100 methods saved in a non-volatile memory.
  • Method assistant: assistant software guides users to develop new methods in approx. 3 easy test cycles.
  • Method menu with file management option, generation of a method library, up to 100 methods.
  • Sample tongs: easy placement of the sample pan.
  • Performance test: menu function for performing a test to evaluate the reproducibility of the device using the ReproEasy Pads.
  • Status light: indication of the status measurement running, finished and error during the measurement by the status light.
  • Sample inspection: LED illuminated sample chamber, inspection window with grid above the hood.
  • Integrated draft shield.
  • Interface: Mini USB, automatic printer recognition, direct data transfer to Microsoft® Windows programmes.
  • Data transfer: SD-card, import and export function.
Technical Data:
Max. weighing capacity:200 g
Repeatability, typical:approx. 1 g initial sample: ± 0.2 %
approx. 5 g initial sample: ± 0.05 %
Readability:1 mg, 0.01 %
Typical sample amount:5 to 15 g
Result display:moisture content in %M and g / solid content in %S and g / ATRO in %M / %S
Temperature range and settings:40 to 160 °C, in increments of 1 °C
Stand-by temperature:selectable from 40 to 100 °C
Sample heating:infrared radiation
Heating programmes:standard drying, gentle drying
Sample heating:AURI heating elements, 600 W
Kalibrierzertifikat Dakksno
Breite215.00 mm
Tiefe400.00 mm
Höhe21.00 mm
Gewicht6.20 kg
Infrared Moisture Analyser MA160  Sartorius
Infrared Moisture Analyser MA160  Sartorius
Infrared Moisture Analyser MA160  Sartorius
TypeMax. WägekapazitätMax. Temperatur [°C]Max. Messwert rel. FeuchteHeizquellePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Infrared moisture analyser MA160200200.0099.00metal heating elements1543759115,240.00Order
Accessories for moisture analyser MA37 / Sartorius

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