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Thermo Scientific 
E1-ClipTip™ Multi-Channel Pipettes
Thermo Scientific

Innovative ClipTip interlocking tip interface technology
  • Tip is locked and sealed in place until ejected - no dropped tips that waste valuable samples.
  • Complete seal to secure the sample volume in each tip for enhanced -accuracy and precision.
  • Tips are attached and ejected with a light touch - eliminates the frustration of banging tips on the pipette.

Unified operation for multiple users and environments - personalised user interface and password protection ensure consistent operation among multiple users.

Electronic operation to help you enjoy pipetting again - designed for optimum comfort and ease of use, the electronic tip ejection and index finger pipetting action let your thumb relax during pipetting.

Two operating options ensure optimal function for every application - choose a step based Matrix or Presets with settings for your most common applications.

MyPipette™ - one click access for more efficient and unified pipetting - customise your main menu view by organising icons in your preferred order or creating shortcuts for your favorite programmes and pipetting functions. You can also protect important settings from unintentional editing with a password.

Store up to 20 programmes - the programmes function allows you to store 20 your most common Matrix or Presets protocols with a specific name.

A pipette for every application - choose from single channels, 8- and 16-channel multichannels or 6- and 12-channel adjustable tip spacing equalizer multichannel pipettes within the volume range of 0.5 to 1250 µl.

Track your pipette - service and calibration trackers remind you when the pipette needs to be sent to serviced.

Liquid specific calibrations - higher quality results with liquid specific calibrations.

Li-Ion battery - long lasting performance and fast recharging.

Flexible re-charging - use either charging stand or a plug.

2-year warranty - with convenient web registration.
With enhanced versatility and customisation, the E1-ClipTip™ electronic multi-channel pipette automates daily 96-and 384-well microplate pipetting tasks with the sealed in security of ClipTip™ technology. Enjoy pipetting again with optimum functionality for every application and user preference.
Volume adjustmentvariable
Pipette versionGLP
E1-ClipTip™ Multi-Channel Pipettes  Thermo Scientific
TypeMin. VolumenMax. VolumenIncrements [μl]No. of channelsColour codeForDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
E1-ClipTip pipette0.5012.500.018-channelpinkClipTip™ 12,5accuracy 2,5 to 12 %, precision 1,6 to 12 %1543775411,406.00Order
E1-ClipTip pipette2.00125.000.108-channelyellowClipTip™ 200accuracy 2,0 to 8,0 %, precision 0,6 to 4,0 %1543775511,406.00Order
E1-ClipTip pipette10.00300.000.108-channelorangeClipTip™ 300accuracy 2,0 to 5,0 %, precision 0,6 to 2,0 %1543775611,406.00Order
E1-ClipTip pipette50.00250.001.008-channelturquoiseClipTip™ 1250accuracy 1,44 to 4,0 %, precision 0,6 to 1,5 %1543775711,406.00Order
E1-ClipTip pipette0.5012.500.0112-channelpinkClipTip™ 12,5accuracy 2,5 to 12 %, precision 1,6 to 12 %1543775811,612.00Order
E1-ClipTip pipette2.00125.000.1012-channelyellowClipTip™ 200accuracy 2,0 to 8,0 %, precision 0,6 to 4,0 %1543775911,612.00Order
E1-ClipTip pipette10.00300.000.1012-channelorangeClipTip™ 300accuracy 2,0 to 5 %, precision 0,6 to 2,0 %1543776011,612.00Order
E1-ClipTip pipette30.00850.001.0012-channelblueClipTip™ 1000accuracy 1,5 to 4,71 %, precision 0,6 to 2,0 %1543776111,612.00Order
E1-ClipTip pipette0.5012.500.0116-channelpinkClipTip™ 384 12.5accuracy 2,5 to 12 %, precision 1,6 to 12 %1543776211,870.00Order
E1-ClipTip pipette1.0030.000.0116-channelvioletClipTip™ 384 30accuracy 2,0 to 10 %, precision 0,9 to 7,0 %1543776311,870.00Order
E1-ClipTip pipette2.00125.000.1016-channelyellowClipTip™ 384 125accuracy 2,0 to 8,0 %, precision 0,6 to 4,0 %1543776411,870.00Order
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