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PRP-1 - The Robust Alternative for Over 30 Years

Hamilton PRP-1 (Polymeric Reversed Phase) HPLC columns combine the best characteristics of silica-based and polymeric columns to arrive at a column that is highly inert and long-lasting. Quality assurance as well as research and development laboratories find that PRP-1 columns last significantly longer than silica-based C8 or C18 columns.
  • Good sample recovery.
  • Excellent durability (stable to any concentration of water or organic solvent).
  • Polymeric columns for general separations.
  • pH stable from 1 to 13: better sample recovery than silica based columns.

Fields of application:
  • Polyacrylic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).
  • Ionised organic compounds.
  • Steroides.
  • Peptide fragments.
  • Pharmaceutical substances.
  • Nuclein acids.
  • Vitamins.
  • Herbicides.
PRP-1 - The Robust Alternative for Over 30 Years  HAMILTON
TypeCasingSize mmParticle size μmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
PRP-1 guard column starter kitsteel semiprep  1351791211407.42Order
PRP-1 guard column cartridgessteel semiprep  2351791221298.16Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel21.2 x 75513517915412,650.06Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel30 x 25012 to 2013517922914,902.88Order
PRP-1 guard column starter kitPEEK analytical  1351793171319.45Order
PRP-1 guard column cartridgesPEEK analytical  5351793181355.56Order
PRP-1 100 ÅPEEK4.6 x 150101351793511626.86Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel21.2 x 250713517935214,778.80Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel10.0 x 100513517935511,739.85Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel2.1 x 15051351793661653.71Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel10.0 x 50713517936711,410.21Order
PRP-1 100 ÅPEEK4.6 x 25071351793801731.50Order
PRP-1 100 ÅPEEK4.6 x 250101351793811679.64Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel4.1 x 25071351794221705.57Order
PRP-1 100 ÅPEEK4.6 x 15051351794231731.50Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel4.1 x 150101351794251596.31Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel7.0 x 305101351794261976.87Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel4.1 x 250101351794271653.71Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel21.2 x 25012 to 2013517942814,345.45Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel4.1 x 5051351794431596.31Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel4.1 x 15051351794441705.57Order
PRP-1 guard column cartridgessteel analytical  2351794451575.94Order
PRP-1 guard column starter kitsteel analytical  2351794471524.10Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel21.2 x 2501013517947814,564.91Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel4.1 x 10051351794791653.71Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel50 x 25012 to 20135179493116,295.69Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel7.0 x 1001013517949511,204.66Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel10 x 2501013517949611,520.40Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel10 x 1001013517949911,306.51Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel101,6 x 25012 to 20135179525127,158.88Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel4.1 x 15071351795291653.71Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel10 x 250713517953111,739.85Order
PRP-1 100 ÅPEEK4.6 x 10051351795581810.20Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel50 x 25010135179567114,624.37Order
PRP-1 100 ÅPEEK4.6 x 25051351795711788.91Order
PRP-1 (1 g) bulk  51351795781on demand 
PRP-1 (1 g) bulk  71351795791on demand 
PRP-1 (1 g) bulk  101351795801on demand 
PRP-1 (1 g) bulk  12 to 201351795811on demand 
PRP-1 (1 g) bulk  30 to 501351795821on demand 
PRP-1 (1 g) bulk  50 to 751351795831on demand 
PRP-1 (1 g) bulk  20 to 301351797501on demand 
PRP-1 100 Åsteel1.0 x 15051351797531653.71Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel1.0 x 5071351797551491.68Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel2.1 x 10051351797901596.31Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel7.0 x 305513517979511,196.32Order
PRP-1 100 Åsteel4.1 x 25051351798201762.98Order

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