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Silicone Bottle Holder
DWK Life Sciences

The silicone bottle holder helps to stabilise bottles during such laboratory activities such as dispensing liquids with bottle mounted dispensers or connection caps, pipetting or filtration. The centre of mass of the laboratory glass bottle is set centrally in the bottle holder, so you can work comfortably and safely. The bottle is held securely in the holder by 8 flexible ribs, making it suitable for use with all round and square bottles that have a Ø / edge length of approx. 75 to 120 mm. In addition, the holder can be used for holding other laboratory glassware, such as tall and low beakers or filtration flasks.
  • Can be used with a wide range of DURAN® bottles and glassware.
  • Increases stability when working with bottles and bottle systems.
  • Helps to make work in the laboratory safer and more convenient.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Made from chemically resistant silicone.
Silicone Bottle Holder  DWK Life Sciences
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