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Density Bottles, Gay-Lussac, Calibrated

BLAUBRAND®, borosilicate glass 3.3. DIN ISO 3507. Stopper NS 10 / 19 with capillary. Top of stopper ground and polished. The volume in cm³ is specified to a precision of 3 decimal places. The nominal capacity is indelibly engraved on each bottle. Each bottle and its stopper are marked with an unique matching identification number. Hence, stoppers are not interchangeable. Calibrated to contain (TC, »In«). Reference temperature 20 °C.

All BLAUBRAND® density bottles are supplied with individual certification. On request, they can also be supplied with DAkks calibration certificate.
Density Bottles, Gay-Lussac, Calibrated  BRAND
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High-vacuum silicone greases KORASILON / Kurt Obermeier

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