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MicroWell™ 96 Well Microtitration Plates with UpCell™ Surface

PS. UpCell™ surface enables harvesting of adherent cells by simple reduction of temperature from 37 to below 32 °C.
  • Without trypsinisation you will get your cells with intact surface proteins for culture passaging, single-cell analyses and cell transplantation reasearch.
  • No manual cell scraping to get high viability.
  • Enables harvesting of cell sheets and creation of 3D-tissue models held together by normal cell junctions and extracellular matrix deposited by the cells.
  • Available in sterile MicroWell™ plates, Petri dish or Multidish format.
  • With lids with airvent rims.
  • Certified for functionality, sterility, non-pyrogenic and non-toxicity.
Sterileno indication
Lidno indication
MicroWell™ 96 Well Microtitration Plates with UpCell™ Surface  Nunc
TypeAnzahl WellsWachstumsfläche [cμ²]Empfohlenes Arbeitsvol.BreitePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
MicroWell™ 96 well microtitration plates96 well0.330.2086.0015434182-0011on demand 

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