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DO / BOD-Meter SevenExcellence™

Modular professional system, which can be equipped with up to 3 of the following modules:
  • pH: for pH / ORP (mV).
  • Cond: conductivity / TDS / salinity / spec. resistance.
  • ION / pH: ion concentration / pH / ORP (mV).
  • DO: dissolved oxygen / BOB / BSC.
  • Wide, high resolution 7áá colour touchscreen (capacitive), very clear and easy to operate.
  • Modularity and flexibility without borders: up to 3 measuring modules can work in parallel, expansion to 2 or 3 channels possible.
  • Universal communication via 2 x USB, ethernet (LAN) and RS232.
  • Plain text user interface in 10 languages with help menu.
  • OneClick™ operation concept: individually configurable functions / workflows start with one click only.
  • Storage for methods.
  • Highest security and GxP support (ID protection, sophisticated user management, limits / alarms, integrated radio clock etc.).
  • Intelligent sensor management (ISM®).
  • Connection of stirrer, sample changer, PC, barcode reader, keyboard, local or network printer possible.
  • Storage up to 20000 data sets (measures, calibrations, methods).
  • Further configurations / expansions see chapter conductivity / oxygen measurement.
  • Compatible to all METTLER TOLEDO electrodes, recommended: ISM® electrodes.
Temperature range:- 30.0 to + 130.0 °C (± 0.1 °C)
Methods:30 pre-, 60 user-defined methods
Limits / calculations:user-definable with optional method termination
System:date / time, PIN-protection, user management, 10 languages
Data storage:20000 data points, 250 analyses
Meter for dissolved oxygen (DO) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). Expandable with up to 2 further modules.

Basic equipment:
Meter, 1 x DO / BOD expansion unit, 2 x blank expansion units, uPlace™ electrode holder, semitransparent cover, operating instructions, installation and quick guide, LabX® direct pH PC software, declaration of conformity and test certificate.
Technical Data:
Calibration:2 points, 2 pre-, 1 user-definded standard
Dissolved oxygen
Measuring range:0.000 to 50 mg / l (ppm) / 0.00 to 99 mg / l (ppm)
InLab® OptiOx / InLab® 605
0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1
Accuracy:± 0.1 mg / l (depending on measuring range)
DO saturation
Measuring range:0.0 to 500 % / 600 %
Measuring range:500 to 1100 mbar
Resolution:1 mbar
Units:mbar, hPa, mmHg, Atm
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DO / BOD-Meter SevenExcellence™  METTLER TOLEDO
DO / BOD-Meter SevenExcellence™  METTLER TOLEDO
DO / BOD-Meter SevenExcellence™  METTLER TOLEDO
DO / BOD-Meter SevenExcellence™  METTLER TOLEDO
DO / BOD-Meter SevenExcellence™  METTLER TOLEDO
DO / BOD-Meter SevenExcellence™  METTLER TOLEDO
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1see basic equipment above1543494012,540.00Order
1as S900-Meter but with Inlab® OptiOx, guide to DO meas., 0 oxygen tablets1543494113,695.00Order
1as S900-Kit, also with BOD adapter1543494213,855.00Order
1as S900-Kit, but with InLab® 605-ISM instead of InLab® OptiOx1543494313,385.00Order
1for expansion / supplement of SevenExcellence® devices1543494411,200.00Order
Expansion units for meters SevenExcellence / Mettler Toledo
Accessories for meters SevenExcellence / SevenCompact S230 / S220 / Mettler Toledo
uMix magnetic stirrer for meters SevenExcellence / SevenCompact / Mettler Toledo

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