Solvent Pump Mini

For high purity liquids.
The solvent pump Mini is a hand pump for small containers like flasks and canisters up to approx. 10 l. All medium-contacting parts of the solvent pump are made out of high quality st. steel and PTFE, which are known for their outstanding chemical resistance and their perfect adequacy for ultra-pure liquids. Due to the conductive materials it is especially appropriate for easily flammable liquids e. g. acetone, isopropanol, ethanol, methanol etc.

The pump is working with the air overpressure principle. The pump seals the container airtight; with the handball air will be pressed into the container which presses the liquid out of it. Only the delivery tube and the outlet get in contact with the medium. This high-quality hand-pump allows filling off a variety of liquids safe and easy in a very simple and comfortable manner out of most diverse containers.
  • Connection for grounding cables in case easily flammable liquids get filled off.
  • Pumps head: GL 45 thread, further adapters makes it adjustable to different threads.
  • Pressure-relief valve protects against overpressure e. g. caused by temperature increase due to sunlight.
  • Smooth running drain that can be activated seperately with 'auto-stop' for filling off precisely.
  • Special formed nozzle that avoids dripping and allows attaching a hose for filling off into distant placed containers.
  • PTFE suction hose: flexible solution as it can be cut to every containersá height and ensures complete emptying as it works also for containers with arched bottoms.
  • Thread GL 45.
Bürkle  Solvent Pump Mini
Bürkle  Solvent Pump MiniBürkle  Solvent Pump MiniBürkle  Solvent Pump Mini   
TypeMaterialThread GLPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Solvent pump Minist. steel / PTFE45154376221391.90Order
Thread adapters for solvent pump Mini / Bürkle