Volumetric Flasks

PP. High clarity. With PP stopper. Error limits acc. to class B, DIN EN ISO 1042. Calibrated to contain (TC, »In«).

Exposure to temperatures up to 60 °C will not cause permanent exceeding of tolerance limits! Cleaning up to max. 60 °C is recommended to preserve marks and inscriptions.
BRAND  Volumetric Flasks
Capacity mlError limit ± mlNSHeight (without cap) mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
10 W0.0810 / 1990152768191on demand 
250.0810 / 19108152768201on demand 
500.1212 / 21146152768281on demand 
1000.214 / 23173152768381on demand 
2500.319 / 26225152768391on demand 
5000.519 / 26258152768541on demand 
10000.824 / 29298152768621on demand 
W = wide-mouth.