Huber Kältemaschinenbau 
Hoses, Insulated - Inner Material Plastics

Inner material PTFE with smooth bore for excellent flow rates and an optimal heat transfer.
Temperature range~°C- 60 to + 260
Huber  Hoses, Insulated - Inner Material Plastics
Nominal width mmOutside Ø mmConnectionLength cmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
1237M24 x 1.5100154339111420.00Order
1237M24 x 1.5150154339121515.00Order
1237M24 x 1.5200154339131620.00Order
1237M24 x 1.5300154339141815.00Order
2044M30 x 1.5100154339151510.00Order
2044M30 x 1.5150154339161620.00Order
2044M30 x 1.5200154339171720.00Order
2044M30 x 1.5300154339181925.00Order
2556M38 x 1.5100154339191615.00Order
2556M38 x 1.5150154339201735.00Order
2556M38 x 1.5200154339211840.00Order
2556M38 x 1.53001543392211,060.00Order