Cylindrical four-way hose connector to connect hoses.
  • Sterilisable.
  • PP: temperature resistant up to + 135 °C.
  • PVDF: temperature resistant up to + 160 °C, highly resistant to chemicals.
Bürkle  Four-Way-Connectors
MaterialFor Ø mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
PP3 to 510543446417.00Order
PP5 to 710543446518.05Order
PP7 to 9105434466110.20Order
PP9 to 11105434467111.65Order
PP11 to 13105434468113.35Order
PP13 to 15105434469115.45Order
PVDF3 to 5105439024110.60Order
PVDF5 to 7105439025111.85Order
PVDF7 to 9105439026115.10Order
PVDF9 to 11105439027117.35Order
PVDF11 to 13105439028119.80Order
PVDF13 to 15105439029122.80Order