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Heathrow Scientific 
Glove Box Holder
Heathrow Scientific

The adjustable holding points give the true flexibility to hold up to 4 different boxed protective products and other lab essentials (size dependent).
  • Ideal for holding different boxed sizes of gloves, mop caps, ear defenders, face masks, shoe covers etc.
  • Adjustable universal fit, easy to clean, with a low profile.
  • Wall- or door-mountable, incl. mounting hardware.
Materialno indication
Glove typeno indication
DescriptionGlove box holder
Glove Box Holder  Heathrow Scientific
Clothing sizeLength [mm]BreiteHöhePSA cat. III / EN374PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
no indication152.00762.0076.00no indication154346401211.35Order

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