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Filter Tips, TipRack, Non-Sterile and Sterile (BIO-CERT®)

Pipette tips and filter tips are manufactured by BRAND in a cleanroom under the most modern production conditions and are automatically rack packed and packaged to ensure that the tips are of consistently high quality.
  • High-purity PP, free from DiHEMDA and oleamide.
  • Manufactured without lubricants; cadmium-free pigments.
  • Graduation for a quick volume check.
  • All palletised pipette tips and filter tips up to 1000 µl are free of DNA (< 40 fg), RNase (< 8.6 fg), endotoxins (< 1 pg) and ATP (< 1 fg).
  • All sterile tips and packaging are manufactured under BIO-CERT® quality certification: sterile acc. ISO 11 137 and AAMI guidelines, a SAL 10-6 is obtained; supplied with Certificate of analysis.
  • TipBox / rack system: all sizes up to 1000 µl available in 96-unit format.
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. to DIN EN 285.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging systems.
  • CE-marked acc. to IVD-Directive of 98/79 EC.
  • Pipette and filter tips from BRAND are tested for BRAND pipettes and most of the pipette types of GILSON®, Thermo Fisher Scientific FINNPIPETTE®, Eppendorf® and BIOHIT® / Sartorious®. The 5 ml tip is exclusively tested for BRAND pipettes and Thermo Fisher Scientific FINNPIPETTE®. The 10 ml tip is suitable for BRAND, Eppendorf® and GILSON®.

Non-self-sealing filter tips from BRAND have a PE filter that is free from chemical additives. Permeability is controlled by the combination of pore size and filter length, so that no aerosols can reach the pipette shaft. These filters function with consistent reliability. On the other hand, liquids can pass very slowly should they accidentally contact the filter. Since the filter does not swell as in the case of self-sealing filter tips, the sample can be recovered from the filter by simply actuating the pipette's blow-out function or by centrifugation if necessary. This is clearly an important advantage of non-self-sealing filters, especially when working with valuable samples. As an added advantage, the absence of filter additives protects samples from this source of contamination.
Space-saving refill unit for TipBox. Protected in an environmentally compatible packaging of recyclable PET. Compared to the filled TipBoxes, the amount of waste with the refill units is reduced by 20 %. All pipette tips and filter tips up to 1000 µl are free of DNA, RNases, endotoxins and ATP.
  • TipRacks in BIO-CERT® quality are sterile acc. to ISO 11 137 and the AAMI guidelines, a SAL of 10-6 is obtained.
  • Sterile racks are supplied with a transfer aid that enables simple, contamination-free transfer into a previously sterilised TipBox.
  • All tip-trays are printed on one side with information on the contents.
DNAse / RNAse-freeyes
Filter tipyes
Farbcodekeine Angabe
Packung10 racks of 96 tips
Filter Tips, TipRack, Non-Sterile and Sterile (BIO-CERT®)  BRAND
Filter Tips, TipRack, Non-Sterile and Sterile (BIO-CERT®)  BRAND
Filter Tips, TipRack, Non-Sterile and Sterile (BIO-CERT®)  BRAND
Filter Tips, TipRack, Non-Sterile and Sterile (BIO-CERT®)  BRAND
Min. VolumenMax. VolumenSterilePurity gradePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
0.1010.00no 154345841on demand 
0.5010.00no 154345851on demand 
1.0020.00no 154345861on demand 
2.0020.00no 154345871on demand 
5.00100.00no 154345881on demand 
5.00200.00no 154345891on demand 
50.001000.00no 154345901on demand 
0.1010.00yesBIO-CERT\'ae154345911on demand 
1.0020.00yesBIO-CERT\'ae154345931on demand 
2.0020.00yesBIO-CERT\'ae154345941on demand 
5.00100.00yesBIO-CERT\'ae154345951on demand 
TipBox, with tip tray, empty / BRAND

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