Liquid Samplers

Sampler for thin to viscous liquids.
  • Easy use with one-handed operation.
  • With discharge funnel for safe filling of the sample bottles.
  • Material V4A (1.4404).
  • Alternative emptying of sample: valve is opened with the thumb or by attaching the sample container.
Container Ø~ mm32
Bürkle  Liquid Samplers
Bürkle  Liquid SamplersBürkle  Liquid SamplersBürkle  Liquid Samplers   
TypeTotal length cmCapacity mlPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Open with thumb4650154344231174.05Order
Open with thumb54100154344241191.90Order
Place onto bottle45.550154344251208.95Order
Place onto bottle53.5100154344261234.35Order