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Graduated Cylinders, Class A, Blue Graduated

All BLAUBRAND® burettes, automatic burettes and bulb pipettes are supplied with a batch number and an accompanying batch certificate in the original packaging. On request, they are also available with an individual certificate, USP individual certificate or DAkkS calibration certificate.
BLAUBRAND®, tall form, class A, blue graduation. DE-M marking. Boro 3.3. DIN EN ISO 4788. Calibrated to contain (TC, »In«). With spout and hexagonal glass base. Ring marks at major graduations. Marks and inscriptions in high contrast blue enamel.
Material:borosilicate glass 3.3
Hals:[_59/0_] NS
Graduated Cylinders, Class A, Blue Graduated  BRAND
VolumenHöheTeilungToleranzPUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
5.00115.000.100.05252741051 23.40Order
10.00140.000.200.10252741081 23.40Order
25.00170.000.500.25252741201 24.60Order
50.00200.001.000.50252741281 27.10Order
100.00260.001.000.50252741381 28.80Order
250.00335.002.001.00252741481 55.20Order
500.00365.005.002.50252741541 93.80Order
1000.00465.0010.005.00152741621 73.10Order
2000.00505.0020.0010.00152741641 123.90Order

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